How it all began…

GYST Fermentation Bar

GYST Fermentation Bar opened as a bar/café in November of 2014 in the Eat Street neighborhood of Minneapolis. There, we celebrated the benefits and tastes of naturally fermented foods and beverages, while creating a community around it.

We believe that good food comes from good people, so we highlighted our favorite artisanal producers, supported local farmers, and connected guests to their products and stories.

We believe preservation is innovation. Fermentation allows food products to be sustainably preserved and gives them a unique and desirable flavor. The process enhances and stimulates healthy microbes and boosts vitamins and nutrients.

Our Kombucha + Pickles

We were producers ourselves. GYST Traditional Pickles and Kombucha was made in-house using the best local and/or organically farmed ingredients. We either sourced directly from farmers and producers or use products with transparent sourcing and practices.


GYST Traditional Pickle

GYST pickles are naturally fermented using the freshest possible organic produce. We add only kosher salt and water: no heat, no vinegar. The result is a naturally tangy, flavorful and healthy pickle that complements any dish.

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GYST Kombucha

GYST Kombucha is different. Brewed with the finest fresh and/or dried herbs, we bring you an herbal tonic kombucha that is balanced and revitalizing. We are always experimenting with our herbal teas to brew kombuchas like dill, lemon balm, ginger, chamomile, hibiscus and chocolate mint. 

Make your own at a Fermentation Workshop! →

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