“We can become creators of a better world, of better and more sustainable food choices, of greater awareness of resources, and of community based upon sharing. For culture to be strong and resilient, it must be a creative realm in which skills, information, and values are engaged and transmitted; culture cannot thrive as a consumer paradise or a spectator sport. Daily life offers constant opportunities for participatory action. Seize them.”
— Sandor Katz

From Farmers to Fermentation

Supporting the livelihood of those working on improving the health and sustainability of our food system is the core of our business. We either source directly from farmers and producers or work with producers and importers/distributors using transparent sourcing practices.  Currently, we have continued working relationships with the following farms: 


Progressive Food Business

Working in a creative food business is a skilled profession and every person’s effort, from serving to washing dishes, is equally important. We also believe every person on our team should be paid a livable wage. Furthermore, we believe that giving GREAT service is essential to our business and our mission, no matter what. That is why as a team we have decided to add a 15% Livable Wage Fee to each bill. This allows us to begin wages at $15 an hour. Tips at GYST are welcome but with this 15% addition they are not expected. We believe that by fully investing in our team, we are able to support a vocational commitment to the food and beverage industry where people feel truly valued, where their ideas and creativity are cultivated, and which in turn, allows them to do genuinely good work.