Our Mission


Fostering joy, health, and community through simple, balanced, healthy foods.

Gyst seeks to expand ideas on how food can impact our lives + communities

With our roots as a neighborhood fermentation bar and gathering space, GYST has seen first-hand how good food and great company can transform lives. We're applying what we've learned from the Fermentation Bar and bringing that knowledge to our wider community. Today, we're exploring new recipes, experiences, and educational partnerships that support our vision for a healthier home, neighborhood, and world.



Our Guiding Principles


The Tale of 2 Sisters

Sisters and Ky and Mel Guse thought it would be fun to open a cozy little cheese and wine bar. When they moved to Minnesota from San Francisco to be closer to family and reconnect with their Midwestern roots, they found the perfect opportunity to follow that dream. GYST's Fermentation Bar opened in 2014 in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, and become so much more than a sleepy little corner bar.

The sisters are intensely passionate about highlighting the love and effort that fermenters, winemakers, cheese mongers, and farmers all over the world put into their products. GYST, a product of that same love and effort, became a community hub – sharing knowledge, history, and the ancient art of fermentation through classes, events, and local partnerships as well as simple, healthy food and drink.

To learn more about Ky and Mel and how their individual journeys led them to GYST, click below.


How Do We Do It?

GYST MEMbership

Become a part of our fermentation community! Enjoy your favorite fermented goods each month including a growler of GYST Kombucha, 1 bag of coffee, featured tea selection, chocolate bar and rotating fermented goodie. Each month the club with get exclusive access to GYST with a monthly Taste Talk! Limited spaces available.


Workshops + Events

Attend a tasting, class, or event to expand, excite, and educate your mind and palate. Come learn from us, as well as chefs, cheesemakers, winemakers, chocolatiers, coffee roasters, and authors, for an unforgettable experience in an intimate setting.



GYST partners with local institutions, businesses, and farmers to grow and explore the role of fermented foods as part of a healthy society. Keep up-to-date with what's new in the world of fermentation and find out how we're working hard to increase its visibility.



Our Partners