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Cheese: The Wonderful World of Rinds

To eat or not to eat the rind? That is the question.

The world of cheese is often mysterious! Even more perplexing are the different rinds - the flavors and textures they give to the paste of the cheese, as well as the yeasts and bacterias used to create them. What are they? How do they form? How do cheesemakers decide which to use? Most importantly... Can I eat them?

Please join us for a night of cheese tasting (so come cheese hungry!) as we explore a myriad of rinds including mold-ripened, washed, natural, and dry rinds. We'll discuss cheese in general and then get down to the nitty-gritty rind world.

This class will enable you to wow your friends and family with your cheese knowledge! We'll also discuss how to make the perfect party cheese board. Fee includes a fermented beverage of your choice (wine, beer, or kombucha). Come ready to explore the wonderful world of cheese and the rinds that be.