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Fermentation Frenzy!

Please join us for this special Fermentation Frenzy workshop that is a combination of our fermentation 101 and 201 in one two-hour sitting. The workshop will briefly focus on the process of lactic-acid fermentation only. You should have some basic knowledge of lactic-acid fermentation to participate. If you are brand new to fermentation and/or prefer to learn more about the sustainability, health benefits and would like to go into greater depths of lactic-acid fermentation, please sign-up for Fermentation 101 first. For this workshop we ask that you bring in your own washed vegetables for fermenting. We will provide you with 2 (32 oz) wide mouth ball jars and lids, salt and dried herbs and spices. Pickle pebble weights and mason top lids will be available for purchase.

Questions? Please email Ky at

If you just took the Fermentation 101 workshop, you will receive a $20 gift card to purchase items from our retail section!