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Something fresh
is brewing.

GYST is evolving. We're more than just a neighborhood fermentation bar – we're a creative food business. We're exploring new ideas of how food and fermentation can impact our lives and communities.


GYST: (n) simple; the essence; old english
word for yeast


GYST pairs experience with expertise. Our work is dedicated to  people to living their best and most creative lives through fermented food and drink.  Whether it be in the company of community or one's own personal journey, let us guide you back to all things simple, natural, healthy and happy. We believe the "gyst" of life is to enjoy and delight in each and every day. Be apart of our fermentation community! 


GYST Membership

We have seen first-hand how good food, drink and great company can transform lives, which is why we have created the GYST Membership - a way to bring people together to exchange tastes, share stories, and create meaningful experiences through a monthly meet-up every first Thursday of of month. You also get to enjoy your favorite fermented goods to take home with you each month.


Workshops + Events

Explore the wonderful world of fermentation with us! Attend a tasting, class, or event to expand, excite, and educate your mind and palate. Come learn from us, as well as chefs, cheesemakers, winemakers, chocolatiers, coffee roasters, and authors, for an unforgettable experience.



GYST partners with local institutions, businesses, and farmers to grow and explore the role of fermented foods as part of a healthy society. Keep up-to-date with what's new in the world of fermentation and find out how we're working hard to increase its visibility.



Looking for tools and references to ferment at home? Or need a GYST pickle or kombucha fix? We got you covered.


Fermentation for a Happy life

GYST Pickles and Kombucha

Looking for a way to bring fermentation into you into your daily diet? We got you covered with our kombucha and ferments!

We have all the techniques, recipes and take-home kombucha and ferments for you! Pre-orders are highly recommended. Just email us at and we'll send you the availability/pricing list.


Founding Sisters

Two Sisters. One GYST.

The sisters are intensely passionate about highlighting the love and effort that winemakers, cheese mongers, and farmers all over the world put into their products. GYST, a product of that same love and effort, has become a community hub – sharing knowledge, history, and the ancient art of fermentation through classes, events, and local partnerships as well as simple, healthy food and drink.

To learn more about Ky and Mel and how their individual journeys led them to GYST, click below.


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